Trinidad Charlie Regales Visitors, Friends with Tales of Childhood and Hot Sauces


Trinidad Charlie Deyalsingh entertained visitors and snow birds with his stories and the history of his renowned hot sauce as part of the Friends of the V.I. National Park seminar program.

The Traveling Trinidad Charlie Hot Sauce Show came to Cruz Bay as part of the Friends of the V.I. National Park annual seminar series on Thursday, February 20 at the St. John School of the Arts.

Renowned for tours of the lush tropical  grounds of his Guinea Ghutt compound, Trinidad Charlie didn’t have his usual plethora of spices, pots and pans, peppers and other produce in his simple home kitchen to use as props, so he brought a medley of his hot pepper sauces and tales of his childhood on Trinidad to regale the dozen visitors and members of Friends .

 “Maybe I’ll give them the ‘growing up in Trinidad’ story to start,” the St. John hot sauce guru Trinidad Charlie Deyalsingh said to no on in particular as he set up his table of ingredients and bottled hot sauces for a presentation to an avidly waiting group of tourists and snowbirds.

But once Deyalsingh got going, the story of Trinidad Charlie took the participants in the Friends of the V.I. National Park’s seasonal program of hikes, walks and talks on a magical tour at the St. John School of the Arts on Thursday, February 20.

Trinidad Charlie launched into his tales of childhood on his namesake island as he explained the infusion of cultures which he preserves and presents in his renowned hot sauces – which have even been the subject of an island song by country and western music star and part-time St. John resident Kenny Chesney.

Trinidad Charlie proved Chesney’s got nothing on him when it comes to telling a tale and entertaining a crowd.