Trinidad Charlie’s Sizzle Won’t Fizzle in Newest Island Condiment

Trinidad Charlie’s West Indian Sizzle


Charles “Trinidad Charlie” Deyalsingh has been perfectly happy making the flavorful bottled hot sauces which bear his name and youthful likeness in his simple Guinea Gut garden kitchen for the past few decades.

Although Deyalsingh loves to complain about the amount of work involved in his handmade-homemade effort, the 60s hippie-turned-entrepreneur has rejected overtures to take his well-recognized brand to a larger market — or produce it anywhere else.

Instead, Charlie has limited his business expansion to creating a line of three different recipes and adding the industrial strength appliances necessary to keep up with the growing demand for his all-natural product.

West Indian Sizzle
With the introduction of his fourth recipe, West Indian Sizzle, however, Charlie has given in to the condiment industry’s trend to hotter sauces — and now he has a lot more hot sauce to bottle and deliver.

But not at the expense of the flavor his followers have come to expect in his sauces

West Indian Sizzle will leave a flavorful afterburn on your tongue, but the brown habanero peppers Trinidad Charlie has added to his newest sauce don’t overwhelm the unique flavorful mix of his secret recipe.

Hand-Selected Imported Spices
Deyalsingh, who is almost reinvigorated by the prospects of his new sauce, travels to his native Trinidad several times a year to hand select the spices he uses in his unique blends.

“All the prices of the spices have risen, but not the price of the hot sauce,” Charlie said. “I am not a good businessman. I don’t want to get rich.”

Hustling to distribute the first commercial batch of his hottest hot sauce, Trinidad Charlie begins to sound like Gene Wilder as the original Willy Wonka when he tries to describe it.

“The sizzle won’t fizzle in the drizzle of the inclement razzle, dazzle weather,” the sauce guru explained with a grin.