Troy Announces Sailing School Coming To St. John


Great news. We are just about ready to begin our sailing school! I can’t believe it. You really have to be careful what you wish for because in the process of acquiring the 34-foot catamaran, I was blessed with the opportunity to add to our school fleet a 136-foot pirate ship (schooner) named Roseway that doubles as a floating sailing school out of Boston, equipped with crew and instructors.  Check it out at   

They wanted to relocate to the Caribbean so we began the campaign to keep them here and offer a sailing course to all of our high school students. We can teach 780 students the basics of sailing in one school year and then use the boat for visiting boys and girls clubs from the states during the summer.

Our Virgin Islands students will go through a one-week sailing course aboard the schooner and then graduate to the catamaran and mono-hull to apply what they’ve learned on a more practical boat. This will be an after-school program from 3:30 to 6:30 each school day. On the weekends, she will be used for day sails and walk-ons for the community (she’s also an 80-year-old museum).

Then in the summer months different boys and girls clubs from the states will visit the Virgin Islands and do week-long sailing courses as well, because the Roseway sleeps 36. This way she’s used to benefit kids year round. That’s up to 780 youth during school months and 360 youth during the summer.

During holiday and school breaks she can be used for charters for the Europeans and Japanese so we can continue building that bridge.

And the greatest news is the Roseway is already in the V.I. ready to go, so, it’s just a matter of paper work and scheduling. This happened easier and faster than I thought, so we are looking at a start date in January 2007.

Peace and love,