Troy Billington Enjoying Time in V.I.

Hi Tradewinds,

USVI Skeleton Team poses in the snow! Photo Special to St. John Tradewinds

Sorry I have been completely off the computer for some time now. This transition from skeleton racer to working Joe has been brutal. Working with the Virgin Islands schools and the pirate ship Roseway took a lot out of me, but I’m happy to say we brought 547 kids aboard the Roseway and have started a sailing program for continued learning as well.

We also began an after-school sports league for junior high students in St. Croix, to give them a place to be after school and compete against each other in softball, football, volleyball and basketball — just like an interscholastic league, but it’s afterscholastic. I have to have these things up and going before next season, because I have to skeleton race next season. Enough of this civilian crap, I’m back on the track in November and I’m bringing four Cruzans with me.

In the past, I’ve only brought students from the islands of St. Thomas and St. John. This year will be St. Croix students. I’m looking forward to it. But first, I have to get St. Croix squared away with the students so the programs can run smoothly while I am gone.

I still have a few things to clear up from Chutney, Alexa, Greg and my own last four-month season, especially with the runners and tracks. Then I have to get back in the state of mind of sliding down ice at 80 miles per hour in the winter cold after spending so much time at home. But I’m ready to keep you posted.

Peace and love,
Troy Billington