Trunk Bay Connection Down Under

A Story for Lee (Sterling) —

When we were in Australia in 91-92 with Obie and my nephew Matt along, we were traveling to Mildura on the west NSW, South Australia, Victoria border. We stopped in the then small town of Albury on the Murry River for lunch.

In the small downtown Italian cafe that we chose to eat in, on the back wall, covering the back wall floor to ceiling, was a photo of Trunk Bay!

I told the man I had been to that beach and he was so excited. He said his wife saw the photograph (for walls) and said she wanted to go there someday. The poster stated the beach was Cinnamon Bay, St. John.

I said that was not right, so he invited me to cross out the writing and correct it, which I did. Later, when I visited St. John the next time, I photographed both Trunk and Cinnamon and sent them to the cafe owner.
I also sent post cards from St. John when I would visit during the following years. Returning from Tasmania, the ferry to Melbourne, then the drive from Melbourne to Canberra, we passed through Albury.

It was lunchtime so I suggested we go down main street and see if the Cafe Victor was still there. It was, so we parted and went to the door.

It said “closed!” We were so disappointed! But just at that minute, a man turned the sign and opened the door.

I said “are you Tony,” offering my hand.

He said “oh you are the one from St. John.”

It was 15 years and the man remembered me! And would you believe, the poster of Trunk Bay is still there! Tattered and worn and faded. They have remodeled parts of the restaurant, but the beach stays until his wife gets there!

He is putting his restaurant up for sale and hopes it sells and when they retire he will take his wife to St. John! He wouldn’t let us pay for our lunch!

What a story, huh?

Midra Miller