TS Isaias Moves On, While New System Forms to the East

Thursday afternoon satellite photo shows Tropical Storm Isaias moving over the Dominican Republic, while another tropical wave forms up far to the right on the African coast. (NOAA satellite image)

The storm that was known as Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 was upgraded to Tropical Storm Isaias as it passed through the U.S. Virgin Islands Wednesday night and Thursday morning on its way to the Dominican Republic and Cuba, while a new system on began the long journey from the African coast towards the Caribbean.

Isaias is continuing to move west-northwest at almost 20 mph.

In the meantime, showers and thunderstorms associated with a small area of low pressure a few hundred miles south-southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands have increased and became better organized Thursday.

Environmental conditions appear conducive for further development, and this system could become a tropical depression during the next day or so while it drifts generally north-northwestward.

After that time, environmental conditions are forecast to become less favorable for development.

The National Hurricane Center gave the system a 50 percent chance of tropical formation within the next five days.