Un-activated MREs Not Acceptable in Landfills Territory-wide

Bovoni Landfill on St. Thomas. (Source file photo)
Bovoni Landfill on Thomas (Source file photo)

The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority (VIWMA) advises all haulers that Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) heating elements that have not been activated cannot be disposed at its solid waste disposal facilities territory-wide.

The illegal dumping of MREs is prohibited. Un-activated MRE heaters are considered hazardous waste and are potential fire hazards when they encounter moisture.

Haulers seeking to dispose of MREs must contact a permitted hazardous waste hauler.

For more information, contact the Division of Education and Communications Management at 474-2811 or email communications@viwma.org. Also, follow VIWMA on Facebook or LinkedIn.