USVI Firefighters Help Tortola Control Landfill Blaze

Acting Governor Osbert E. Potter has authorized the USVI Fire and Police Departments to help the Government of the British Virgin Islands extinguish a massive landfill blaze that erupted Wednesday night.

Potter’s action is in response to a request from BVI Premier Orlando Smith.

Seven firefighters from the territory’s fire service and three VIPD Marine Unit officers deployed on Thursday to provide assistance and technical resources. The fire is primarily kindled with construction debris at the Cox Heath Dump Site on Tortola.

The territory’s first responders will assist the BVI Fire and Rescue Service and others
on Tortola who have already responded to the emergency.

“I am pleased we are able to assist our neighbors in the British Virgin Islands,” Potter said. “First responders from both territories are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe.”

Firefighters from the territory responding to the Tortola fire are: Fire Chief Oral Wheatley, Deputy Fire Chief Leonard Fabian, Deputy Fire Chief Antonio Stevens, Fire Marshal Johnny Frontal, Fire Lt. David Hodge, Fire Lt. Keno Walcott and Fire Cpl. Michael Wilkinson.

Sgt. Cornel Espirit, Ashlee Hodge and Jaime Serrano are the responders from the VIPD.