USVI Police Commissioner Provides Update on Malfetti Murder Investigation

Virgin Islands Police Commissioner Rodney F. Querrard said Wednesday that an active police investigation continues into the death of James Malfetti III as well as other homicide victims in the Territory.  Some cases have been cleared by arrest and others are active and ongoing probes. Querrard said he and his leadership team routinely receive updates on open murder cases with the aim of bringing these cases to court by the arrest of suspect(s). “Within the last two days I have met with all aspects of police operations involved in this ongoing investigation including the Forensics and Major Crime Unit as well as the prosecutors office of Department of Justice to update the case and layout the leads we are following,” Querrard said.
Commissioner Querrard expressed his condolences to the family of James Malfetti III and announced that St. Thomas/St. John Chief of Police Darren Foy, along with Victims Advocate Desiree Lambertis will be the liaisons between the Major Crime detectives and the family on this matter.  “There are sensitive issues regarding this investigation that should not be included in any public statement. However we will update the victim’s parents and address their issues to the best of our ability without compromising the case,” the Commissioner said.
Commissioner Querrard said the VIPD team has taken all necessary steps from the day the victim was found, to process the evidence at the crime scene, determine that the case was a homicidal death and begin the process of securing statements from potential witnesses to include following all leads that have been provided.
“This case is an active investigation and we will continue the process of investigating the unfortunate death of James Malfetti until we can file a criminal complaint and effectuate an arrest in the case,” the Commissioner said. “A criminal investigation is a process and in some instances the process takes time to yield results.”
In addition, local FBI agents are assisting with the investigation. “We will continue to work all angles of this case until we identify the perpetrator(s) who fatally stabbed Mr. Malfetti on St. John,” Querrard said.

The top law enforcement officer of the Virgin Islands encouraged anyone with information on the circumstances that led to the Mr. Malfetti’s death to call his office at 340-715-5506, Major Crimes at 340-642-8449, or Crime Stoppers USVI at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS). “The slightest bit of information we can gather from potential witnesses, family or friends of the victim could be what is needed to get us closer to clearing this case with an arrest,” the Commissioner said.