USVI Powerlifting Athletes Shine at Championships in Costa Rica

North American Powerlifting Federation

U.S. Virgin Islands powerlifters did well at the recent North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Championships in Costa Rico. Marlen Jiminez competed in the classic division finishing 2nd in the Master I 63kg and 4th in the Open 63kg classes. Jiminez broke eight USVI Powerlifting Federation Open and M1 Records in both divisions.

Danielle Todman competed in the classic division finishing 2nd in the 72kg Open class.

Ronald Walker competed in equipped division finishing 1st in the Masters III (M3) 83kg and 3rd in the Open 83kg classes. Walker broke five USVI Powerlifting Federation M3 records in the 83kg division and won the Master’s Equipped division best lifter.

USVI Powerlifting Federation Men’s Master’s Equipped team won first place.

The USVI Powerlifting Federation team competed at the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Championships from Aug. 5-8 at the Holiday Inn – Escazu in San Jose, Costa Rica. The meet is an opportunity for powerlifters who are members of national powerlifting federations in the North American Powerlifting Federation region to compete against each other for the title of best in the NAPF. It’s also an opportunity for these lifters to establish or increase IPF athlete rankings, break IPF World/NAPF Regional/ and USVI records, and qualify for IPF World Championships and other IPF international level meets.

USVIPF athlete results: Marlen Jiminez weighed in at 61.87kg earning a total of 267.5kg. Her best squat was 82.5 kg, best bench press was 55kg, and best deadlift. Danielle Todman weighed in at 70.65kg earning a total of 400kg. Her best squat was 130kg, best bench press was 87.5kg, and best deadlift was 182.5kg.

The North American Powerlifting Championships is an annual regional, international, powerlifting competition. It is one of six geographical, regional, drug-tested powerlifting federations under the umbrella of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), which is the largest international powerlifting federation (as well the largest drug tested powerlifting federation) in the world, consisting of over 100+ countries. The NAPF consists of 18 countries/territories across the Caribbean, Central America and North America.

The USVI Powerlifting Federation is the only recognized governing body of all powerlifting in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, it is recognized as an affiliated national federation member of the International Powerlifting Federation as well as a member of the IPF’s international regional federation (NAPF).