USVI-PTSA® Extends Greetings to Parents as New School Year Begins

Parent, Teacher, Student Association

On behalf of the U.S. Virgin Islands Congress of the Parent, Student and Teacher Association Inc. (USVI-PTSA), President Yvette Browne hopes the 2019/2020 school year starts with a successful beginning and greater accomplishments are achieved throughout the year.

USVI-PTA President Browne said, “To be successful we must join forces and utilize all opportunities to have meaningful discussions on the quality of education in the territory. Community awareness, family engagement/involvement and the development of the PTSAs in all school districts are pertinent to our role as successful advocates. Parents are the strongest advocate for our children, yet we are often absent. If we are not involved in the operation of the institutions that mold our children’s minds daily, we have failed them. If one student is left out of the loop of progress, then we have all failed. We cannot continue to depend on a few parents to lobby for the change that is necessary for our children’s development.

“In the year 2005, our sitting president Margarita Benjamin said, ‘… the greatest challenge continues to be getting parents to be involved in the educational excellence of their children.’ This is still true today, and in order for this cycle to change, we must partner to raise awareness about the power of family and community involvement; take action to cultivate involvement through specific programs and practices, and celebrate success as your schools sees increased involvement and its impact. Parents are integral to the process – working with administrators and educators to develop or enhance educational programs that promote early childhood education, college preparation, fine arts, vocational education, extracurricular activities and a healthy school environment.

“The USVI-PTSA, an affiliate organization of the national PTA, is seeking your support by becoming a part of the team of great voices to leaders demanding change. This school year, join us as we strive to work with administrators, teachers and support staff. The USVI-PTSA encourages you to become the voice of reason in our every child one voice campaign. Become the change!”