USVI Senior Men’s National Team Travels to Anguilla Games

USVI Soccer Association sends USVI Senior Men’s National Team to qualify for CONCACAF.

The U.S. Virgin Islands Senior Men’s National Team traveled to Anguilla on Wednesday, March 20, to prepare for its Qualifying Match for the CONCACAF Nations League.

The USVI Senior Men’s National Team will play against Anguilla on Friday, March 22. This will be the fourth game for the team in the CONCACAF Nations League. Based on the current results, the USVI will play in League C in that tournament, coming up in September 2019.

The Concacaf Nations League consists of 41 countries, including teams from Mexico, Cuba, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Canada. Once the USVI team qualify, it will then be placed in a group. The group stage of the competition is scheduled to be played in September, October and November 2019, with the Final Championship taking place in March 2020.

The team delegation consists of the following players: Vincenzo Alfieri, Lionel Brown, Aaron Denis, Kassall Greene, MacDonald Taylor, Tyler Humphreys, Carlos Labrada, Konner Kendall, Karson Kendall, Tony Andrew, Avier Christian, Nakeeme Julian, Jett Blashcka, Bryce Pierre, RaeJae Joseph, Benny Labadie, James Mack, Derrick Smith and Dusty Good. Marcello Serrano (head coach), Gilberto Damiano (assistant coach), Jorge Zavala (goal keeper coach), Pete Calabrese (fitness coach), Dr. Sheldon Marcelle (doctor), Dr. Jason Williams, (doctor), Allasandro Nero (manager), Davie Bannis (equipment manager) and Lishati Bailey (general secretary).

For more information, contact the USVI Soccer Association Office at 719-9707 or email