UVI Poll Shows Close Race for Governor

University of the Virgin Islands

The University of the Virgin Islands Thursday released its general election poll results for the gubernatorial and senatorial races that will be held on November 6. The poll was conducted by V.I. Tech Stack and the UVI Institute for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (ILOE.)

The poll shows Albert Bryan Jr. besting Governor Kenneth E. Mapp in the St. Thomas/St. John district with 29% to Mapp’s 13%. But the numbers flip on St. Croix with the governor taking the lead with 32% to Bryan’s 17%.

Territory-wide, Mapp and Bryan are in a dead heat with 23% of the vote. The deciding factor in the race may be the undecided voters. 40% of voters are undecided on St. Thomas/St. John, and on St. Croix, 32% are undecided. These voters can swing the election in either direction.

The remainder of the gubernatorial slate, according to the poll, are far behind with territorial percentages for Warren Mosler at 7%; Adlah “Foncie” Donastorg at 6%; Soraya Diase Coffelt at 5%; Janette Millin Young at 1%; Moleto A. Smith at 1% with 33% undecided.

The poll was conducted Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, through a combination of online interviews and automated phone calls using a list of 800 registered voters. The poll has a 3.46% margin of error.

Here are the poll results:

Poll Percentages for the Governor’s race

In the St. Thomas/St. John District

–Albert Bryan Jr. 29%;

–Kenneth E. Mapp 13%;

–Soraya Diase Coffelt 8%;

–Adlah “Foncie” Donastorg 7%;

–Warren Mosler 4%;

–Moleto A. Smith 2%;

–Janette Millin Young 2%;

–Undecided 35%.

In the Saint Croix District

–Kenneth E. Mapp 32%;

–Albert Bryan Jr. 17%;

–Soraya Diase Coffelt 3%;

–Janette Millin Young 1%;

–Moleto A. Smith 1%;

–Undecided 32% .


–Kenneth E. Mapp 23%;

–Albert Bryan Jr. 23%;

–Warren Mosler 7%;

–Adlah “Foncie” Donastorg 6%;

–Soraya Diase Coffelt 5%;

–Janette Millin Young 1%;

–Moleto A. Smith 1%;

–Undecided 33%.

Senator At-Large Poll Percentages

In the St. Thomas/St. John District

–Steven D. Payne 24%;

–Angel L. Bolques 16%;

–Sherry-Ann Francis 12%;

–Undecided 49%.

In the St. Croix District

–Steven D. Payne 19%;

–Angel L. Bolques 12%;

–Sherry-Ann Francis 11%;

–Undecided 59%.


–Steven D. Payne 22%;

–Angel L. Bolques 14%;

–Sherry-Ann Francis 11%;

–Undecided 54%.

Poll Percentages for the Senatorial race

In the St. Thomas/St John District

–Donna Frett-Gregory 10%;

–Janelle K. Sarauw 9%;

–Athneil “Bobby” Thomas 8%;

–Myron Jackson 6%;

–Marvin A. Blyden 6%;

–Dwayne M. DeGraff 4%;

–Stedmann Hodge Jr. 4%;

–Jean A. Ford 3%;

–Carla Joseph 3%;

–Alma Francis-Heyliger 3%;;

–Stephen “Smokey” Frett 2%;

–Irvin Punda Mason, Sr. 2%;

–Delores Todman 1%;

–Bruce Flamon 1%;

–Wilma Marsh Monsanto;

–George Trager <1;

–Margaret Price <1;

–Gustave R. Dowling <1.

In the St. Croix District

–Allison DeGazon 14%;

–Alicia Barnes 10%;

–Javon James 8%;

–Kurt Vialet 7%;

–Novell E. Francis Jr. 6%;

–Oakland Benta 4%;

–Genevieve Whitaker 3%;

–Daren “Bogle” Stevens 3%;

–Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal 2%;

–Malik Stridiron 2%;

–Emmett Hansen 1%;

–Robert Moorhead 1%;

–Michael J. Springer Jr. 1%;

–Patricia James 1%;

–Carew Felix 1%;

–Norman Jn Baptiste <1;

–Omar Hashim Henry <1;

–Abraham Ortiz <1;

–Troy Mason <1;

–Undecided 32%.