V.I. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Lifts Territorial Burn Ban

Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services

The Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services has lifted the territorial burn ban that has been in effect since April 11. This decision comes after careful consideration of current environmental conditions and safety measures in place to prevent brush fires.

As the territory transitions out of this burn ban, V.I. Fire and Emergency Medical Services reminds residents and visitors of the importance of adhering to safety precautions when engaging in vegetative debris burning. The following are some essential safety guidelines to follow:

Check Weather Forecasts: Always check the current weather conditions and forecasts before initiating any burning activities. Avoid burning on windy days, as strong winds can quickly spread fires.

Create a Clear Perimeter: Clear a safe area around the site and remove all non-vegetative debris and burn small piles of debris at a time to better control the fire. Maintain a safe distance from structures, power lines and vehicles.

Use Safe Equipment: Use approved fire containment equipment, such as hoses, shovels and fire extinguishers, to control and extinguish the fire if necessary.

Never Leave Unattended: Never leave a burning fire unattended. Always monitor the fire until it is completely extinguished.

Avoid Burning During Peak Fire Hours: Avoid burning during the peak fire hours, typically in the late morning to early afternoon when conditions are driest and winds are stronger.

Residents and visitors are urged to exercise extreme caution and responsibility when conducting controlled burns. Safety should always be the top priority to protect one’s self and the neighbors from potential risks.

If a fire poses a threat to life or property, immediately call 911.