V.I. Tennis Association Gives Registration Requirements to Compete at 2020 Davis Cup Tennis

2019 Team Photo in Costa Rica: (L to R) Kris Elien, Coach Colin Robertson, Tomas Del Olmo, Russell Armstrong, Nick Bass

In June of 2019, the U.S. Virgin Islands participated in the Davis Cup for the first time since 2012. It was due partly to having some young players who worked their way up through the International Tennis Federation (ITF) competitive process and partly to the ITF’s new partnership with soccer star Gerard Pique’s company, Kosmos, which revamped the format and injected much needed funding into the territory’s small jurisdiction’s tennis economy.

“VITA will be participating in the ITF 2020 Davis Cup Competition and has proactively come up with a set of guidelines and format for the 2020 Davis Cup player selection which will enable VITA to send the best team possible,” said Kelly Kuipers, president of the Virgin Islands Tennis Federation.

Players wanting to be considered for the team should register with Colin Robertson, the V.I. national coach, and William McComb. They should tell them of their interest in being considered, by email or telephone: roberstoncolin@mac.com or (405) 826-8512 or billvi10@hotmail.com.

Copy of the guidelines will be sent to all players. Players not playing college tennis will need to commit to a training and competition plan that will be reviewed and approved by the V.I. Tennis Association’s national coach. Preliminary selection will begin in December 2019.

The criteria to be eligible to represent the V.I. include:
1) If you or your parents were born in the US Virgin Islands, you are eligible to represent VITA. If you have not already done so, please provide proof by sending Robertson a copy of either your passport or a parent’s passport when registering.
2) If you were not born in the Virgin Islands, you may also be qualified to represent it through residency by having lived in here for three years, immediately prior to the competition (for this year it is June 2020).

The Virgin Islands Tennis Association follows the ITF and VI Olympic Committee’s rules for representation.

Upon registering with Coach Robertson and William McComb, the applicant will receive detailed information regarding the VITA Davis Cup Guidelines that concern the selection requirements.