Van Sickle Sets Record Straight


Thank you for the editor’s note on the anonymous letter to the editor in the recent issue. I thought that I would set the record straight for you and at the very least ease your mind about printing my letter.

I am not employed by Sirenusa, I was the one that started the project and brought some of the buildings out of the ground. I was superintendent from the very beginning until roughly July 2006, when I resigned my position.

I do not live in the house that the writer mentions, and haven’t lived there for almost a year. I do live next to the project, and the house is not owned by Sirenusa or their affiliates. It is owned by my girlfriend and myself.

So, maybe the writer needs to be a little more informed and do research before writing something like they did and at the very least taking responsibility, instead of anonymity.

Kind Regards,
Todd Van Sickle