Veterinarian Perkins Offers Cruz Bay Hours

St. John Tradewinds,

The purpose of this letter is two-fold. I want to openly express my appreciation to Dr. Jan Perkins for her excellent care of my little dog, Pepper, who serves as my assistance animal. Secondly, I feel certain that the animal loving folks in the Cruz Bay area do not know that “Dr. Jan” is available in Cruz Bay each Monday afternoon! Since I do not own a vehicle, Pepper and I greatly appreciate her accessibility. This physician has also offered more than once, to make a home visit if it was not possible for me to bring Pepper to her location.

As you may be aware, Dr. Williamson brought his mobile office van to Cruz Bay for quite some time. “Dr. Jan” purchased his office van, when Dr. Williamson decided to discontinue making the trips from St. Thomas. She was highly recommended to me by Dr. Williamson, when I relocated from St. Thomas. I have not been disappointed! Not only is she highly informed and competent, but her rates are reasonable and she is both loving and flexible toward Pepper. “Dr. Jan” met me at the National Park ball field for a routine procedure with Pepper when I first arrived on-island. It is clear that her chosen profession is more than just a business when it comes to her priorities.

If Dr. Perkins does not start receiving more patients on her Monday afternoon visits to Cruz Bay (where she is parked in front of the Animal Care Center) she may be forced discontinue her office hours at that location. I wanted to be sure that every one knows Dr. Perkins is offering her services in Cruz Bay on a weekly basis.

Thank you,
Susan Mann