V.I. Unity Day Group Addresses Development


In light of recent political decisions relative to major developments on St. John, the Virgin Islands Unity Day Group realizes that our elected officials seem to have a lack of concern or respect for their constituents’ voice, especially on the island of St. John.

As an advocacy group concerned with the betterment of the Virgin Islands, in particular St. John, we would like to challenge members of the 27th Legislature and the governor of the Virgin Islands to act on the following recommendations.

When voting on environmental issues, learn as much as you can by visiting the proposed sites in question. This way, you will have first-hand knowledge and will be able to make an educated decision.

After a scheduled hearing, hear our plea. Let your vote be reflective of community concerns, as well as that of professionally trained government officials.

Address issues of land and water use immediately, especially where major development projects are involved. Look at charging impact fees for such developments.

Implement measures to protect the environment and living conditions for residents from the devastation of overdevelopment.

We are not against development. However, we believe our recommendations will benefit all in the long run.

We also urge all Virgin Islands residents to join us by supporting our recommendations and getting involved. We are all empowered to help bring about necessary positive changes that will affect the lives of Virgin Islanders for generations to come.

V.I. Unity Day Group