VIEO to Launch Equitable E-Mobility (Electric Vehicles) Rebate Program

A fleet of electric vehicles from around the territory assemble for the Earth Day Electric Vehicle Rally. (Source photo by Bethaney Lee)

The Virgin Islands Energy Office (VIEO) has launched the “Equitable E-Mobility Rebate Program,” an initiative to revolutionize sustainable transportation across the Virgin Islands. This program is a direct result of funding through President Biden’s Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) State Energy Program Grant No. SE0010105, which aligns with the Bryan/Roach administration’s initiative to make clean energy technology more accessible in the Virgin Islands community.

The Virgin Islands Energy Office will begin accepting applications on January 19, 2024; however, electric vehicle purchases made on or after Oct. 1, 2023, will be eligible for Equitable E-Mobility rebates. The Equitable E-Mobility Rebate aims to incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and electric bicycles (e-bikes) by significantly reducing the upfront cost of electric vehicles to residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Equitable E-Mobility Rebate Program is a strategic effort by the Energy Office to accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable transportation options, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and promoting a healthier environment.

By providing substantial rebates for both new and used electric vehicles, as well as electric bicycles, the Energy Office aims to make sustainable mobility options accessible to a broader range of residents. It also recognizes that the local availability of electric vehicles is limited, and as a result, rebate eligibility has been expanded to vehicles purchased from licensed dealerships within the continental U.S. as well.

This initiative aligns with the Energy Office’s commitment to building a greener and more resilient future, and transportation electrification is a primary conduit to reducing the dependence on fossil fuels within the Virgin Islands.

Residents interested in participating in the Equitable E-Mobility Rebate Program can find detailed information, eligibility criteria and application instructions on the official program website at under the Electric Vehicles Tab.

Rebate Amounts:

$5,000 for eligible new and used electric vehicles purchased from a dealership (local and off-island).

$500 for eligible electric bicycles purchased from approved local vendors.

Eligibility Criteria:

The rebate program is open exclusively to U.S. Virgin Islands residents.

Vehicles must be registered in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Used EVs must have a clean title.

New EVs must have a purchase price not exceeding $65,000.

Used EVs must have a purchase price not exceeding $40,000.

Eligible Used vehicles must be within four model years and have mileage under 20,000.

E-bikes must be purchased new through an approved local vendor.

For more information, call the VIEO St. Croix office at 713-8436 or the St. Thomas office at 714-8436 or visit the Virgin Islands Energy Office at Facebook page www.@VirginIslandsEnergyOffice.