VIFEMS Dismisses False Reports of Fire at Cancryn Campus

The Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services said Wednesday night that recent reports and messages circulating regarding a fire at the former Addelita Cancryn campus are entirely false.

VIFEMS has conducted a thorough investigation and can confirm that there is no fire or any other emergency at the location, the agency said in a press release. The public is strongly urged to disregard these misleading reports and refrain from spreading any further false information, the release said.

Misinformation can quickly spread through various communication channels, mainly SMS chat groups and social media platforms. VIFEMS emphasizes the importance of verifying the authenticity of information before sharing it with others. Spreading unverified reports adds undue stress to our communities and can potentially hamper emergency response efforts, according to the release.

The Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services remains committed to safeguarding public safety and reassures the community that there is no cause for concern at the former Cancryn campus, it said. “VIFEMS kindly requests the public’s cooperation in refraining from sharing or disseminating false reports,” the release stated.