VINP Environmental Assessment Ready for Proposed Reconstruction of Shared Use Path to Honeymoon Bay

Virgin Islands National Park officials released a scoping newsletter recently announcing the Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Reconstruction of a Shared Use Path to Connect the VINP Visitor Center and Honeymoon Bay.

The Virgin Islands National Park is located on the island of St. John, the smallest of the three main inhabited United States Virgin Islands. The majority of destinations within the Virgin Islands National Park are located along the North Shore Road.

However, access to the park along the North Shore is currently limited to taxi/safari bus or car, with no safe access for bicyclists or pedestrians due to steep grades, steep drop-offs or hillsides along the road edge, and limited sight distances. This contributes to parking demand exceeding supply, unendorsed parking, resource impacts, safety conflicts, and a poor visitor experience.

The National Park Service proposes to construct a paved shared use path to connect the Visitor Center with Honeymoon Bay. A shared use path in this location would provide a safe transportation alternative to the use of North Shore Road, in addition to being Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant, thereby increasing recreational opportunities for the public.

Copies of the scoping newsletter are available at the Park Visitor Center at 1300 Cruz Bay Creek in Cruz Bay, St. John. The newsletter will also be available on the National Park Service’s Planning, Environment, and Public Comment website Under “Choose a Park” click on “Virgin Islands National Park” and follow the link to “Shared Use Path EA.” 
Please send comments by March 21, 2012. It is National Park Service practice to make all comments, including names and addresses of respondents who provide that information, available for public review.

Individuals may request that the National Park Service withhold their name and/or address from public disclosure. Anyone who wishes to do this using the website can make such a request by checking the box “keep my contact information private.” If submitting written comments, please state this request at the beginning of the comment. The National Park Service will honor such requests to the extent allowable by law.