VINP Is Removing Hazardous Coconut Trees at Maho Parking Thursday, February 21


The management of Virgin Islands National Park last week announced that park officials will be removing some of the more hazardous and/or dead coconut trees from Maho Bay pavilion and parking areas.

The work is scheduled to begin on Thursday, February 21, at 8 a.m.

Unfortunately, some of the trees have become too old and tall to maintain. Due to their heights, and the fact that many of them are now above power lines, it is now unsafe to remove the coconuts from them.

The coconuts on these trees pose the greatest risk to anyone under the trees because of the large size and weight of the coconuts and the height from which they fall. Coconuts falling from this height can seriously hurt or kill someone, or do significant damage to a car.

Only trees that are in high visitor traffic areas or parking areas where they would have the greatest potential for injury to people or damage to vehicles will be removed. VINP staff will replace trees removed with smaller coconut trees and seagrape trees.

In addition, shorter coconut trees, measuring less than 45 feet tall will be maintained annually to remove coconuts and dead fronds.

VINP Management thanked and urged the public to exercise caution, and be on the look out for workers in the area.

For more information contact Paul Thomas at 776-6201, ext. 252.