VINP Puts Caneel Ruins Construction Issue to Bed

The V.I. National Park has agreed to not take action on the unauthorized construction of a floor inside one of Caneel Bay Resort’s historic ruins after forming a positive partnership with resort management and approving of the way the construction was done.

The floor was constructed in April when Caneel Managing Director Nikolay Hotze had just come on board without prior approval of the VINP, which is required before any modifications to ruins within the VINP can begin.

“The issue was based on miscommunication, and the planning did not follow the State Historic Preservation Office guidelines,” said Mark Hardgrove, who began his post as VINP superintendent in August. “After looking at the floor, it was done just the way we’d have them do it.”

After meeting to discuss the issue of the construction in the ruins, Hardgrove and Hotze have formed a partnership expected to be beneficial to both parties, Hardgrove explained.

“Nikolay and I agreed to work together,” said the VINP superintendent. “We’ll teach his staff some of the park guidelines, and his staff will teach our staff about their landscaping practices.”

What began as a potential problem resulted in a positive partnership, Hardgrove added.

“What might have been an unfortunate incident turned out to be a wonderful relationship,” he said. “It’s much better for us both to work together.”