VINP Will Be New Guardians for Haulover Beach Later this Year

Haulover will be transferred to the V.I. National Park later this year.

The beautiful, historical land at Haulover on the East End is a favorite of snorkelers, swimmers, kayakers and just about everyone else.

Last August the property was put up for sale to, most likely, off-island condominium developers. Before a sale could happen, the St. John Land Conservancy (SJLC) purchased the land to conserve it and protect the public access to it for all residents and visitors.

However, the seller had a few conditions. One was that SJLC must transfer ownership of the land to the V.I. National Park. This transfer should take place later this year. Until then, SJLC will continue to steward the property.

“People are very glad Haulover has been saved and are supportive of our preservation efforts,” said George Mercadante, SJLC secretary. “Our first step was to restore the visual purity of Haulover. So we asked that all commercial signs be removed.”

“All but one business promptly removed their advertisement,” said Mercadante. “Next we cleared brush and debris from one side of the road to expand parking. Then we protected the beach from being further eroded by cars.”

Now Haulover beach on the pristine East End of St. John will be forever protected, explained Mercadante.

“SJLC has created an umbrella of protection over the entire property,” he said. “Haulover is safeguarded, forever.”