VIPA Closing Enighed Pond Marine Facility Exit Gate Starting Today

VIPA will close the exit lane at the Enighed Pond Marine Facility, above, while completing construction of a dockmasters building.

V.I. Port Authority (VIPA) will be closing the exit gate at the Theovald Eric Moorehead Marine Facility at Enighed Pond, on Monday, February 20,  at 7 a.m., Executive Director Kenn Hobson announced last week.

The gate will be closed to allow for construction in the area. A new concrete catch basin will be installed along with the associated reinforced concrete pipes for the extension of the storm drain line. Work is expected to be completed within three weeks.

Vehicles disembarking from the barge will be directed eastward through the facility’s entrance gate.  Vehicles waiting to board the barge will have to form a line in the newly completed container holding area until all vehicles have exited the facility.

VIPA began construction of a new office building at the Enighed Pond Marine Facility on June 30. St. Croix-based project contractor GEC, LLC is constructing a 1,500 square feet building to provide office space for VIPA’s dockmasters stationed at Enighed Pond; public restrooms; and a short-term storage area for containerized cargo, according to Hobson.

The project will cost $2.1 million and is funded by the remainder of GARVEE Bonds issued to VIPA in 2004 for the cargo port at Enighed Pond. The construction should be completed by March 2012, according to Hobson.