VIPA Considers Redesign of Creek for New Use, Pond Mouth Ramp and Enighed Barge Repairs

V.I. Port Authority officials are seeking bids on the re-design of the Cruz Bay creek bulkhead.

While the interim use of the Cruz Bay creek bulkhead as a short-term parking lot is experiencing a groundswell of support from St. John residents, the V.I. Port Authority is beginning the process of redesigning the waterfront property.

VIPA has advertised for “planning and architectural landscaping services for the preparation of plans for the Cruz Bay creek,” but the Port Authority has no preconceived notions about the future use of the facility which was replaced by the Enighed Pond Marine Facility.

“I’m leaving in there to the planners,” VIPA executive director Darlan Brin told St. John Tradewinds May 23. Brin declined to speculate on what he envisioned for the future of the area.

“We will allow minor repairs,” Brin said of the current use of the part of the facility by ferry companies based on St. John.

Since the new Enighed Pond facility does not have the water or electrical service necessary, the island’s barge companies have complained they do not have anywhere to do minor repairs.

“At least at the old barge dock you could service your vessel there,” Love City Car Ferries Inc.’s Anecia Lettsome Sewer told the May 23 St. John hearing of the V.I. Senate Committee on Govern-ment Operations.

“We were told in the future we can no longer use the ramp for repairs,” added Love City Car Ferries employee Yvonne Milliner.

Ramps, Dolphins and Dry Dock
The Port Authority has been asked to consider the installation of a ramp on the inside of the Enighed side of the entrance to Enighed Pond, Brin told Tradewinds.

The agency also is proposing to install “floating dolphins,” or moorings, for barges to use to tie up for repairs along the Enighed shore of the channel, away from the active cargo ramps, Brin added.

A principal in one of the island’s barge companies is still planning to moor a floating dock along the Contant shore of the port, Brin confirmed.