VIPA Dockmaster Monitors Use While Creek Awaits Beautification

Major boat maintenance can be conducted at the Cruz Bay Creek with the permission of the dockmaster. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

While the V.I. Port Authority recently began enforcing the no parking rule at the Cruz Bay Creek, other activities including boat maintenance and the recent installation of a new boat engine with a crane are allowed at the VIPA-owned property — with permission of the dockmaster.

The property is currently being used by taxis picking up and dropping off tour groups arriving on island by boat, and by boats with permission to tie up.
Boat maintenance work is allowed, explained VIPA spokesperson Marc Stridiron.

“Essentially, activities like that are permitted at the creek with the permission of the dockmaster,” said Stridiron. “The dockmasters can use their discretion to permit uses of the facility which may seem somewhat abnormal.”

Limited Repair Space
Such activities are allowed at the creek faciltiy, which is awaiting a beautification plan being designed by deJongh and Associates, due to limited space for marine activities on St. John, Stridiron added.

“This is just in recognition of the fact that public docking facilities on St. John are somewhat limited,” he said. “If the dockmaster determines a boat owner can be accommodated without adversely affecting other operations or safety, they do have the discretion to allow that.”

Advance Permission
The dockmaster’s permission must be obtained before any work should begin, added Stridiron.

“One thing we have to stress is the advanced permission of the dockmaster,” he said. “They must notify him of their intent and discuss with him what it is they’re attempting to do.”

“They need to make sure the dockmaster is fully informed of what they plan to do and of the process,” Stridiron added.