VIPA Steps Up Parking Enforcement at Creek

The Cruz Bay Creek, which has served as an unofficial parking lot since it stopped accepting cargo traffic in April 2006, has been noticeably empty recently.

While the lot remains open for taxis to pick up and drop off tour groups arriving on island by boat, VIPA’s rule that no parking is allowed at its waterfront property is being enforced more stringently.

Despite VIPA’s assertions that no parking is allowed at the Creek — which the authority has plans to beautify with the help of deJongh and Associates — the area had been a mess of both cars and boats since its 2006 closing.

“The Creek is closed to parking, with the lone exception of tour buses, which can do quick pick-ups and drop-offs related to day tour vessels,” said VIPA spokesperson Marc Stridiron in late August. “The parking area is fenced off and the gate is closed most of the time.”

The gate was, in fact, open most of the time and the Creek was often full of parked cars. Stridiron vowed to look into what the Creek was actually being used for.

Following St. John Tradewinds’ inquiries last month, a “no parking” sign was placed in the middle of the entrance to the area and the Creek was empty on Friday, September 7. Since that time, only taxis have been seen parking at the VIPA property.

“I wasn’t involved in that on an operational side, but it was something that was looked at and addressed,” said Stridiron of the new enforcement.

Boats, however, are allowed to tie up at the Creek — provided they have permission.

“If vessels are tied up there, those vessels were cleared to do so and are paying a fee for use of the facility,” said Stridiron.