VIPD Commissioner Urges Halloween Safety

V.I. Police Department Commissioner Novell Francis asks the community to be safe over the weekend as some residents observe Halloween.

“Unfortunately, some people use this observance as an excuse or cover for criminal behavior,” Francis said. “Unlawful activities will not be tolerated and anyone observed pulling Halloween pranks will be prosecuted.”

Commenting on the recent reports of youth throwing objects at vehicles including school buses, the commissioner sent a warning to the youth and their parents.

“Throwing any object, eggs or rocks, at a moving vehicle, is classified as reckless endangerment which is a serious crime,” Francis said. “This is not a harmless prank, it can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and cause a fatal accident.”

Parents are reminded there is a 10 p.m. curfew for minors 16 and under. Minors violating the curfew will be taken into custody by police and held until he or she is released to the parent or legal guardian.

Francis also issued a warning to adults and teenagers celebrating Halloween by wearing masks that conceal their faces that they may be stopped by police and asked for identification.

“It’s not an offence to wear a mask, however some people will use masks as a cover for their criminal behavior,” Francis said. “If you are wearing a mask at a costume party, please take it off when you are on the public streets.”