VIPD Confirms Discovery of Skeletal Remains, Won’t Comment on ID


Residents out walking their dog last week in the Estate Adrian area discovered human remains, V.I. Police Department officials confirmed last week.

“A concerned citizen reported discovering possible human remains while out walking their dog,” said VIPD spokesperson Melody Rames. “Police responded along with the forensic officer who collected the remains. They were taken to the R.L.

Schneider Regional Medical Center morgue where medical staff will take the necessary action to identify the remains.”
While confirming the discovery, VIPD officials refused to comment on rumors about the identify of the skeletal remains, Rames added.

“Police will not respond to any rumors about the possible identity,” said Rames. “It is important that people not jump to conclusions. It is important that we get the officials conclusion from the medical experts before we make any assumptions.”

The VIPD spokesperson declined to comment on how long it would take to identify the remains.

When word of the discovery spread across Love City last week, residents recalled two citizens who have been reported missing over the past few years. Seara Samantha James, 21, has not been seen since October 2011 and 41-year-old Nicky Brady of Coral Bay was last seen in November 2006.