VIPD May Have Arrested Additional Suspect in Fatal January Shootout

The V.I. Police Department may have arrested one of the two suspects who remained at large following a January police chase and shootout, which ended in the death of 18-year-old burglary suspect Michael Freeman.

The two suspects, descriptions and sketches of whom the VIPD never provided to the public, escaped during a police chase, which began when VIPD officers responded to a report of a suspicious white SUV in Fish Bay, where several residents had recently suffered third degree burglaries.

Of the six persons in the suspect vehicle, Freeman was killed, two St. Thomas minors and one adult, 24-year-old Dominica resident Obrian Pacquette, were arrested and two other suspects escaped.

“I believe there is one suspect who remains at large, but I do not have any arrest information at this time,” said VIPD spokesperson Shawna Richards on April 26.

“Initially, we released information that two suspects had been detained, but I am unable to provide arrest information for any of the other individuals,” Richards added.

Richards did not provide further information regarding the possible arrest of the at-large suspect despite nearly a month of requests.

The investigation into whether the bullet which killed Freeman was fired by a VIPD officer is still being conducted.

“Ballistics tests are still under way,” said Richards. “We do not yet have the results to determine if, in fact, the fatal shot was administered by a police-issued weapon. We are awaiting results of that testing.”