VIPD Offers Safe Place for Online Marketplace Purchases

Virgin Islands Police Department Acting Commissioner Mario M. Brooks (file photo)

The Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) is encouraging local online marketplace shoppers to conduct their sales in the VIPD parking lots.

Authorities across the nation have repeatedly warned of scams and robberies that can take place if an exchange is conducted at a home or private residence. The VIPD has now seen two incidents where persons in good faith met with potential sellers of items advertised online, only to be robbed when meeting with the seller of the items.

“Not only is [the police department] a public place, if someone has bad intentions, they are more than likely not going to come to the police department to take advantage of you in any way,” Acting Police Commissioner Mario Brooks said.

Just this week, there was an exchange of gunfire in the Estate Whim area when a buyer met a seller in good faith, and the seller tried to rob the buyer. The buyer had a firearm permit. No one was hurt. While one cannot always predict what will happen next, the VIPD, as with other police and sheriff departments nationwide, is offering the parking lots for safe exchanges during daylight hours.