VIPD Receive Motorcycles, Scooters and ATVs


New motorcycles, motor scooters and all terrain vehicles (ATVs) were received by the Virgin Islands Police department Thursday and Friday, May 7 and 8, in the districts of St. Croix and St. Thomas/St. John.

 The 10 motorcycles, 12 motor scooters, 11 ATVs and six trailers used to transport the equipment to various locations around the island will be utilized on the three main Virgin Islands.

The equipment was purchased from a $1,000,000 fund appropriated by the 26th Legislature. The total cost of the order was $303,160.

St. John will receive two motorcycles, two motor scooters, two ATVs and one trailer.

St. John will receive two motorcycles.

St. Thomas will receive four motorcycles, five motor scooters, four ATVs and two trailers. St. Croix receives four motorcycles, five motor scooters, five ATVs and two trailers.

The bikes are equipped with sirens and LED emergency lights, special gears, windshields and saddlebags.

VIPD Assistant Commissioner Novelle Francis Jr. said the ATVs will be utilized off road and on the beaches, the motorcycles and motor scooters are very useful in congested town and shopping areas as well as on the regular public roadways.

These vehicles will increase officers’ interaction with the public and encourage community orientated policing, according to Francis.


The ATVs will be utlized off road and on beaches.

The vehicles will also be used in formal police ceremonies and some public events. Selected officers will receive training before being assigned to utilize the motorcycles, motor scooters and ATVs.

The officers will be selected by the chief of police of the respective districts who will determine the deployment of the new equipment.

Once the training is completed and additional equipment including helmets and riding boots are received, the vehicles will be out on the roads in the territory.