VIPD To Start Ticketing Motorists, Towing Cars at Cruz Bay Ferry Dock

Taxis and cars will no longer be able to double park at the Cruz Bay taxi stand.

Villa companies, taxis and island residents meeting arriving friends and visitors at the Loredon L. Boynes Sr. ferry dock in Cruz Bay will soon be fighting for the few legal parking spaces in the area as the V.I. Police Department will begin enforcing the Virgin Islands’ law against double parking on Monday, May 7.

Motorists are prohibited from stopping in front of the Cruz Bay taxi stand, from the public telephones to the 30 minute parking area along the waterfront.

The enforcement of the law, which has been on the books for years, came about after a recent meeting between St. John Administrator Leona Smith, VIPD officials, Department of Public Works personnel and other government officials.

“They’re obstructing traffic there,” said Smith. “I’ve witnessed two traffic accidents at the corner by the Morris F. deCastro Clinic. The double parking has always been illegal, we’re just implementing the enforcement.”

Taxis can still park in the legal spaces at the taxi stand, and other motorists can park in the 30 minute parking area, or between the telephone pole to the dock.

“The VITRAN bus has moved to the middle of the space in front of the dock, so there is space for five or six cars to park there,” said Smith.

The enforcement is a group effort involving several government agencies, Smith explained.

“It’s not just a solo effort,” she said. “The decision was made in conjunction with the other agencies who deal with traffic. Public Works will mark the area to let people know where they can wait.”

Motorists will be warned before tickets are issued for double parking, according to Smith.

“At first, we’re just going to warn people,” said the island administrator. “They have to get accustomed to the enforcement.”