Vistor Mistaken for Local Attorney


Vacationer Brian Hiltscher, right, was mistaken several times for local attorney Brion Morrisette, left, during his stay on the island.

Multiple cases of “mistaken identity” took place in Love City last week!

Vacationers Brian and Janine Hiltscher were dining at the Beach Bar when a woman approached and asked Janine “Is that Brian?” and she replied, “Yes.”

The lady said a warm “Hello” to Brian and as they chatted she realized he was not who she thought he was! She had mistaken him for a local attorney Brion Morrisette, whom she had worked with for several years.


Her boyfriend had said “Brion is down at the Beach Bar” to which she replied, “he never goes in to town!”

Nonetheless, she made her way down to say “hello” just the same. That same evening an employee at the Beach Bar had said to Janine Hiltscher, “You are with Brian, right?”

Janine Hiltscher said “Yes” not giving it a thought, but later realized the bartender meant Brion Morrisette.

The following day Brian Hiltscher was approached at the gas station by a friendly woman who also mistook him for Brion Morrisette. She was from Puerto Rico and said she was a good friend of Brion Morrisette.

The woman and Brian Hiltscher spoke Spanish to one another and she said he spoke Spanish just like Brion Morrisette! Later, the gas station attendant told Brian Hiltscher that he looked familiar.

The next day another local businessman who knew Brian Hiltscher was holidaying on island, said he looked like he could be Brion Morrisette’s brother, explaining how they seemed close in age and stature.

It didn’t take long before Brian Hiltscher grew increasingly interested in meeting his alter ego. As they were headed off-island, Brian and Janine Hiltscher stopped by the offices of Morrisette and Muilenburg, in Cruz Bay, where they found the attorney preparing for trial.

The Hiltschers filled Brion Morrisette in on the events of the week and assured him that Brian Hiltscher had been on his best behavior. The two chatted about family, careers and universities like old friends and look forward to getting together during a future visit.