VITEMA Shares National Preparedness Month Tips for Pets

In the event of extreme weather or a disaster, know what to do to protect your pet. Leaving pets out of evacuation plans can put them, pet owners and first responders in danger. Even if you try to create a safe place for them, pets left behind during a disaster are likely to be injured, lost or worse. V.I. Territorial Management Agency (VITEMA) recommends:

Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.
Put a favorite toy, treats or bedding in your pet’s emergency kit to help reduce stress.
Make sure and keep digital records and/or pictures to identify the pet after a disaster in case you become separated
Ensure your pets are always wearing up-to-date identification,
Think about “microchipping” the pet. These permanent implants help locate your pet following a disaster.
Keep your pets’ veterinarian’s name and vaccination records handy in case of emergency.
Don’t forget to put a pooper scooper, cat litter or plastic bags in your pets’ emergency kit.
Video: “Preparing Makes Sense for Pet Owners” (4:22 min.)
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