VIWMA Relocating Upper Carolina Dumpster


The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority advises residents of the Estate Carolina area on St. John that the small six-yard bin located on the roadside on Centerline Road, Route 10, will be temporarily relocated.

Effective Monday, March 21, the Carolina bin will be temporarily relocated to the Sea Breeze site in Coral Bay. Residents who utilize the Carolina bin site are encouraged to use the bin sites at Sea Breeze, Mamey Peak or Coral Bay.

The bin is being relocated because of the recent landslide on the roadway which has negatively impacted the shoulder and sides of the road, reducing the size of the space adjacent to the bin site and the barricades placed for the protection of the motorists have lessened the space for safe use of the bin site by residents.

The authority apologizes for any inconvenience that this temporary bin site relocation may cause. Residents are asked to refrain from illegally dumping at the site once the bin site has been relocated and closed.

For more information on the relocation of the dumpster contact the Office of Communications Management by telephone at 712-4950 or 712-4951.