Viya Partners With WIX to Offer Free Websites to Businesses

The offer includes WIX Basic Premium service to build one’s own E-commerce site. (Submitted photo)

Viya, the leading telecommunications provider in the U.S. Virgin Islands, understands the negative impact of the COVID crisis on all industries, especially small to medium-size businesses.

Viya has partnered with WIX, one of the leading global companies in website creation, to assist small and medium businesses. Viya will offer one free year of WIX service when business customers subscribe to a new internet service.

Businesses in the U.S. Virgin Islands rely mostly on social media to promote their products and services with little freedom to customize content or to have e-commerce capabilities. With this offer, business owners can start an online business, offer online bookings, showcase their work, promote their business and much more.

Viya business customers are not required to have technical knowledge or resources to create a website. Business owners answer a few simple questions and the WIX software builds a professional, custom-made website, including relevant content and top-notch design. After personalizing the site with some edits, it will be ready to launch.

“Virgin Islanders have always embraced entrepreneurship, and we want to empower and provide easy access to help anyone migrate their business to an online platform with this offer. This, bundled with our great internet service, makes perfect sense. Small and medium businesses will be able to reach out to customers in the USVI and the world.

Businesses in the territory can now transition from brick and mortar storefronts to online, have their own store, accept payments and engage a much broader audience by using WIX’s very intuitive and user-friendly platform and will now have full control of their own content 24/7. E-Commerce is now, more than ever, an integral component of the development of the territory’s economy,” said Chief Commercial Officer Ricardo Ariza.

The offer includes WIX Basic Premium service to build one’s own ecommerce site, one year of a free domain name and many other great features.

To take advantage of this offer, new business customers must sign up for internet service, and current customers are required to upgrade to a higher tier of service.

Additional details about this exciting offer are available at Viya will be announcing other services to help businesses get back on their feet and promote their products.