Viya Shares Hurricane Preparedness Reminders

In the face of impending severe weather, hurricanes and disasters, Viya emphasizes the importance of staying informed through local radio, television and social media channels to receive updates from the U.S. Virgin Islands premier telecommunications provider.

Vice President of Public Relations and Governmental Affairs Jennifer Matarangas-King said, “Viya remains committed to keeping customers connected before, during and after severe weather that affects our community. Through continuous communication on various platforms, including live radio shows, social media updates and engagement with customers during our community outreach events, Viya prioritizes disaster preparedness initiatives to ensure connectivity remains a vital element of community life.”

Viya’s website ( is a useful customer care and billing portal that allows customers to receive assistance and critical information 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Viya’s Facebook page ( is another source of real time updates in the event of a disaster.

Viya also encourages customers to sign up for the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency’s (VITEMA) alert system to closely track the path of impending storms and actions that are being taken by the local government.

Customers can simply log on to  to register to receive emergency alerts on their email, wireless mobile device or telephone.

The Viya team participates in VITEMA’s Emergency Management Council meetings and regularly collaborates with VITEMA on training initiatives and supports its efforts to keep the public informed of all natural disasters including hurricanes.

Collaborating closely with emergency management authorities such as VITEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works, Viya ensures coordinated efforts to enhance community resilience.

Viya advises customers to include critical communication equipment on the list of things that they should consider as they prepare for hurricane season. Ensure that modems and wireless devices are adequately charged and secure spare power sources in the event of the loss of commercial power.

In addition to devices such as smartphones and hotspot devices, Viya encourages customers to include accessories such as phone chargers, solar chargers and battery banks in their communication preparedness kit. Viya offers a variety of connectivity essentials to help prepare people in the event of power loss during a storm, including:

  • Viya MiFi – A high-speed, portable mobile hotspot that provides internet via a cellular connection, for use at home or on the go.

Learn More: MiFi – VIYA

  • Viya Link – A powerful router with internal battery, providing the next generation speed over a cellular connection. Perfect as an internet backup for a home with seamless switchover; so, when the power goes out, the person automatically stays connected.

o Learn More: Link – VIYA

Finally, Viya encourages residents to actively report any down lines or overgrown trees blocking the lines that may potentially be a safety hazard during and after a storm.

In the event of a disaster, customers should refrain from moving or cutting downed lines on their property or in the vicinity of their homes because they may be active power lines, telephone lines or cable TV lines. To work with downed lines or any other Viya service-related issues, customers should contact Viya’s representatives by calling 777-Viya (8492).

“Trust Viya to keep you connected, not just during hurricane season but every day,” said Matarangas-King.