Viya to Continue Offering Discounts After Affordable Connectivity Program Ends

Viya, the leading telecommunications provider serving the U.S. Virgin Islands, reaffirms its commitment to providing discounted services even as the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) approaches its wind-down at the end of the month. Despite the absence of additional funding from Congress, Viya will continue its efforts to expand connectivity offers for residents in need.

Under the Affordable Connectivity Program, eligible residents who received government assistance from other programs received $30 off any Viya internet plan or a free mobile with internet. Focusing on keeping the 5,000 USVI residents currently enrolled in this program connected, Viya emphasizes its dedication to bridging the digital gap within the community by continuing to offer discounted rates.

Vice President of Public Relations and Governmental Affairs Jennifer Matarangas-King said, “Viya was the sole service provider to launch an aggressive ACP campaign directly to the community at strategic sites to ensure everyone was aware of this low-income assistance program. During the Affordable Connectivity Program Wind Down process, we will continue working with our key partners, such as the Department of Human Services and the Virgin Islands Housing Authority, to ensure that all ACP recipients receive continued access to discounted services.”

Viya will also continue to advocate for the renewal of funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program, whether federal or local and work towards a long-term solution to support families most in need. The $1.8M annually that was subsidized allowed 5,000 families in the Virgin Islands to have reliable connectivity for education, employment, and entertainment and has helped the USVI to move forward in the digital age.

As the wind-down of the Affordable Connectivity Program nears, customers are urged to watch for communications from Viya detailing information about discounts on select services and eligibility for the federally subsidized Lifeline program. Additionally, customers can visit Viya’s website at for the latest updates and assistance options.

Matarangas-King said, “I encourage everyone currently enrolled in the ACP program to inquire how Viya can assist you with discounted rates and transitioning to a federally subsidized, affordable plan.”