WAPA Billing Operations Resumed Monday

As the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority continues its restoration of service across the territory, the Authority is working toward increased levels of normalcy. The Authority stated that it is sympathetic to the hardships faced by the residents of the Virgin Islands as a result of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

While WAPA has attempted to ease the burden of customers, billing for services rendered can no longer be postponed. Therefore, WAPA advises customers that billing operations resumed on Monday, December 18, 2017.

The current bills represent charges for electrical and potable water service provided prior to September 6, 2017.  While customers are required to make payment on these bills, all late fees that would ordinarily be applied to delinquent accounts will be waived for this billing period, according to WAPA.

The Authority says it appreciates the community’s understanding during this process and reminds its customers that there are several options for paying WAPA bills: online at www.viwapa.vi, at our Customer Service Offices, at the payment kiosks, now temporarily located at the customer service offices, and at local banks.