WAPA Predicts Power for Cruz Bay on Oct. 27

ST. THOMAS — The Water and Power Authority turned added attention to St. John over the weekend. A spokesman for the public power company says if all goes well, power should be restored to Cruz Bay by late next week.

That prediction followed a statement made by Gov. Kenneth Mapp as he toured recovery efforts on St. John Oct. 18. WAPA Communications Director Jean Greaux Jr. offered details as to how power restoration would come about in a statement issued Friday.

“On St. John, off-island contractor BBC Electrical Services worked in sections of Cruz Bay and on both Feeders 7E and 9E. Portions of those areas are expected to be restored by late next week,” Greaux said.

Evidence of restoration efforts appeared about sunset Thursday as a fleet of white vehicles belonging to BBC Electric rolled through Cruz Bay. The following day visiting linemen were on the street, repositioning power lines.

WAPA’s St. John team was also hard at work, as they have been since a few days after the passage of Hurricane Maria in late September. Reinforcing line crews with visiting restoration crews began on St. Thomas and St. Croix the week of Oct. 16.

At the same time, St. Thomas crews were expected to restore the east end electrical substation, feeding power to the undersea cable to St. John. Work was slated for completion by Friday.

WAPA is also making sure undersea electrical conduits are in suitable condition. “… divers will be performing assessments of WAPA’s submarine cables to St. John, Hassel Island and Water Island, as preparations are made to restore electrical service to those areas,” the spokesman said.

In his Friday briefing to the public, Mapp listed the Julius E. Sprauve School and the Myrah Keating Clinic as priorities for power restoration, once WAPA re-electrifies its distribution system.

Residents living inside the restoration target areas are being advised to make sure they can be reconnected by taking the appropriate steps. Visit WAPA’s Facebook page for information.

“Home and business owners are advised to make repairs to their damaged weather heads and/or meter bases as soon as possible. Once crews have reached your neighborhood, those customers who have not had their weather head or meter base repaired, will not have service immediately restored,” Greaux said.