WAPA Says Resumption of Disconnection Policy Has Increased Customer Service Demand


WAPA CEO Lawrence Kupfer testifies before the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday.
WAPA CEO Lawrence Kupfer

As the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) resumed disconnection of delinquent electrical and potable water service a week ago, there has been an increased demand for service at WAPA’s customer service offices on all three islands and on the company’s telephone system.

“The resumption of the authority’s disconnection policy has led to increased customer traffic to settle past due accounts and restore service. The authority asks customers for their patience when visiting the customer service centers, and when calling by telephone, as delays will be encountered,” said Executive Director Lawrence J. Kupfer.

“The public is advised that the inconvenience of having service interrupted and subsequently reconnected can be avoided by adhering to the schedule for payment when bills are issued,” he said.

An electric bill issued on November 6th is due twenty days later, on November 26th. That bill becomes delinquent on November 27th, and a late notice is issued the following day. If not paid, that account is subject to disconnection 14 days later, on December 12th.

“This process provides on average about 30 days for payment to be rendered once a bill has been issued and the account becomes subject to disconnection,” Kupfer said.

WAPA takes this opportunity to remind customers that there are several options to make payment even if your service has been disconnected. Customers can visit the business offices on all three islands or pay by phone, at payment kiosks, or on WAPA’s website www.vi.wapa.vi.

Customers are also encouraged to bring any concerns or questions about their bills to the attention of customer service representatives at the authority’s offices in Sunny Isle, St. Croix; Port of Sale Mall, St. Thomas; and The Marketplace, St. John. Customers whose service has been disconnected will be required to pay a $25 reconnection fee prior to having their service restored.