WAPA Waterline Work Delayed

A project to install a new 24-inch water line on St. Croix has been delayed because of complications at the intersection of Northside Road and Breeze’s Road where existing sewer lines and underground electrical service require additional work to ensure the co-existence of the utilities, the Water and Power Authority announced in a Wednesday news release

“The authority is working with its contractor, GEC, LLC, to devise a solution and complete all work regarding the installation,” said Don Gregoire, interim Water Distribution director.

The initial delay was encountered during maintenance work hardships with WAPA’s pump stations earlier this year that prevented the shutdowns necessary to tie in the lines.

“Now that the pump stations have been upgraded, WAPA and GEC have agreed to remobilize to complete all work related to the 24-inch waterline installation and that of the related pressure reducing stations,” Gregoire added.

Work on the installation of the new 24-inch waterline commenced in June 2018 with work involving the installation of approximately 7,800 linear feet of 24-inch water line along Golden Rock Road, Long Reef Road, ending at Beeston Hill /Catherine’s Rest intersection. The project also entailed installation of four pressure reducing stations. By December 2018, substantial completion had been achieved with the outstanding work being the paving and tying in of the 24-inch line to existing water lines at five critical points.

“WAPA and GEC LLC remain committed to overcoming the latest challenge and bringing this long anticipated project to completion,” he added.