Water Line, Dockmaster’s Office, Guard Houses To Be Constructed at Enighed

A long-overdue amenity at the Enighed Pond Marine Facility — a water line — will soon be constructed, along with a dockmaster’s office and two guard houses.

The lack of running water has been an issue at the marine facility since its April opening.

“I really don’t have too many problems with the Enighed Pond, except to say that I’m hopeful that within the near future, they will have running water,” said Cheryl Boynes-Jackson of Boyson Inc. in April. “We definitely need water for the vessels.”

A contractor has been selected for the construction of a water line, according to Virgin Islands Port Authority spokesperson Marc Stridiron.

“The construction of the water line is being handled through the engineering department with a contractor,” said Stridiron. “It will take 30 to 60 days to complete. The project hasn’t started yet, but it’s slated to begin very soon, within the next few weeks.”

A dockmaster’s office and two guard houses are also in the works at the marine facility.

“The buildings that are going in out there, which will be the dockmaster’s office and two guard houses, are in the design stage,” said Stridiron. “Once the design is complete, then we’ll know the full cost of the project, and we’ll also know any requirements in terms of electricity, water, and any other civil engineering that needs to take place there.”

Buildings In Design
Lighting is in place and functional at the marine facility pier.

“There is lighting for the pier, and my understanding is there aren’t any major structures out there which would require electricity,” said Stridiron. “The building side is in design, and any additional electrical work that will go in will happen once the design for the buildings is completed.”

Stridiron did not know when the design phase was expected to be completed, or when construction on the dockmaster’s office and guard houses will begin.

“There is no specific date for completion,” he said.