Westin Official’s Comments Were Insult to Gov. deJongh

Dear Editor:

After reading the article entitled “Administrator Smith Garnering Support and Donations for  Community Effort” in the May 7-13 edition of St. John Tradewinds, I was embarrassed by the tremendous lack of tact, respect and propriety displayed by Westin Resort General Manager Matt Balcik

The Westin executive’s disrespectful comment “I felt like I was the governor,” was an insult to V.I. Governor John deJongh, who has proven to be atuned to St. John issues. His thoughtless comment tarnished the resort’s efforts to be a good corporate citizen.

Whatever happened to Graeme Davis?

I hope the Westin will be a more respectful public partner in helping the deJongh Administration continue to respond to the needs of St. John.

For the first time in a long time, St. John has a governor looking out for its residents – Gov. John deJongh.

Name Respectfully Withheld by Request