Westin Resort Celebrates Earth Day with South Shore Road Clean Up


Westin Resort managers and staff joined the International Earth Day celebration by picking up trash between the Great Cruz Bay resort and the Pine Peace neighborhood — over Jacob’s Ladder!

About eight managers and staff of the Westin Resort and Villas made St. John even prettier last week by removing trash from along South Shore Road from hotel to to the Pine Peace basketball court.

While the hotel’s Great Cruz Bay clean up last week, on Tuesday, April 22, coincided with the international celebration of Earth Day, it wasn’t  the only time this year Westin officials have spruced up their neighborhood, explained Westin Resort and Villas Human Resources Manager Eucil Worrell.

“We do a clean up every quarter,” said Worrell. “For this quarter we decided to host the clean up on Earth Day to celebrate the day. We do it because we want to give back to the community.”

“This is where our hotel resides, in this community, and whatever we can do as a team to clean it up and help maintain its beauty, we do,” Worrell said.

The eight managers and staff met in the morning on April 22 and walked up and down Jacob’s Ladder, picking up trash all the past the Pine Peace Basketball Court.

The volunteers removed about 12 bags of trash in the hour they spent collecting garbage from the roadside, explained Worrell.

“It only took about an hour and we collected a total of 12 bags of trash,” she said. “We picked up a lot of cups, plastic bags, garbage bags, wooden debris and more. It was all junk that people threw out along the roadway.”

At the end of the clean up, the Westin associates celebrated a job well done, Worrell added.

“Our team really enjoys giving back to the community,” she said. “It fells good to look back along the road when we are finished and say, ‘Job well done.’”

Westin officials have been organizing volunteer clean ups in and around Great Cruz Bay and Cruz Bay for the past four or five years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon, Worrell added.