Westin Resort Employees Clean Jacob’s Ladder Area


Westin Resort and Villas employees, along with a few family members, pitched in to clean up the roadway near Jacob’s Ladder on Earth Day.

St. John got spiffed up last week thanks to residents across the island marking the 43rd annual celebration of Earth Day.

From the North Shore to Estate Concordia, residents and visitors alike helped to remove trash and learn about eco-friendly building on the island.

On the south shore, Westin Resort and Villas employees removed about 18 bags of litter and garbage from the Jacob’s Ladder and Great Cruz Bay area.

A total of 17 employees volunteered to help clean the road. The crew started at the top of Jacob’s Ladder and worked its way all the way to the Estate Chocolate Hole dumpsters past the resort, explained Westin  human resources manager Ceclie Worrell.

“We collected 18  big bags of garbage,” said Worrell. “We removed three big tires, a bucket of cement and an old BBQ grill. It was a lot of stuff and a lot of heavy stuff too.”
Westin officials routinely host quarterly clean-ups and coordinated this last one to coincide with Earth Day, Worrell added.

“We had a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves,” she said. “We were really happy that so many employees volunteered their time to help. It was great to have so much enthusiasm.”