Wet Road Conditions Are Blamed for Fatal Concrete Truck Accident

Slippery road conditions and the weight of the concrete load were blamed for a Centerline Concrete truck accident which took the lives of two men on December 27, according to a V.I. Police Department press release.

Centerline employee Kenny Crawford was behind the wheel and BCCI Concrete Pumping Services employee Haile Edeings was in the passenger’s seat when the truck they were in slid off a steep hill in Virgin Grand Estates, flipped on its side and crushed the men to death.

Although Centerline Concrete owner Eric Tillett said the 10-yard concrete truck was not full at the time of the accident, the weight of the truck combined with slippery conditions “caused the vehicle to slide off the road while reversing,” according to the VIPD statement released on Wednesday, January 9.

The concrete truck successfully passed a Motor Carrier Inspection a week before the accident, according to the police statement.