Wha’s Happinin’ by Sis Frank

Nine Stories at Pastory Gardens? What’s Next?
It’s a good thing that we still have Bingo games, jazz at the Beach Bar and fish fries – if only to relieve the stress of trucks, trash, violence and all the destructive forces of our over-development.

I guess that we had to face the inevitable changes as the years go by, but not to the extent that we are now experiencing. Four stories is bad enough, but NINE?

Where are the government agencies that give permits for decent progress? Do they really care what happens to St. John, and to those of us who live here? I get the general impression that it’s all about putting high-end stores, parking lots, cars, cars, trucks, trucks, big condos and everything that goes with the “we gotta bring this sleepy little island up to speed with the craziness of the rest of the world.”

You can’t even move to Lovango to escape – that will become a skyline of skyscrapers as you cruise through Pillsbury Sound.

I only hope that the “powers that be” will come to their senses and see what effect their decisions have on the residents and our visitors. What a mess.

St. Johnian Artist Karen Samuel Presents Art and Clothing Sale
Beautiful one-of-a-kind clothing, quilts, shirts, slacks, original art and prints, fine woodwork – all from Karen’s Kareso – at the St. John School of the Arts from 3 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 23. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the school. Call 776-6706 for more information. Karen is a fine artist, a true St. Johnian known for her original designs and paintings.

Bingo Night at Art School a Laugh From Beginning to End
It’s a little hard to concentrate on three or four cards at once, but our players did and won big pots. Ronnie Klingsberg was the perfect caller, Jan Kinder knew all the ins and outs of the game, a dedicated organizer of Bingo and Las Vegas nights dropped in to tease us – (Rios, you are the greatest) – he even gave a beautiful necklace as a prize for Bente Hirsch.

We’ll have Bingo again – plan to attend, it’s very funny and it helps kids attend piano, dance and art classes.

Thank you Starfish, Quiet Mon Pub, St. John Ice and Steve Simon for your food and drink donations. We cannot exist without help from our friends.

Congrats to Tortola Winners
St. John fielded a team for the Ruby Rutnik Memorial Softball Tournament for the first time, and that’s a big plus – good luck to them in the future.

I’m a little prejudiced when it comes to the winning Tortolan girls – their marvelous coach is Terry Chinnery, tenor pan player with Steel Unlimited I and organizer with Orville “Chopper” Brown, of Young Athletes in Action, a great sports program of the past.

Thanks Andy and Janet for 10 years of tournaments that awarded scholarships to very deserving young ladies who have gone on to excel in business and education.

Chester’s New Quelbe n’ Motion at Flamboyant Was Big Hit
“The Mighty Groover” is at it again – his Quelbe band inauguration in Coral Bay was pretty sensational, so everyone reported. Good luck to The Groover and his group.

Star Dance Student Exhibits Paintings
For many years, as she was growing up on St. John, Kristen Maize was one of our finest dancers at the St. John School of the Arts.

It was a thrill to see her lovely paintings, now on exhibit at Michael Banzhaf’s Gallery. She paints at night, her only free time away from her day job at the Friends of the National Park office.

Congratulations to Kristen – keep experimenting – your colors are so bright and fresh, reminding us of the natural beauty of St. John.